Worldwide Rock, Gem & Mineral Events
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June 2017
22-25–⏬– Madras, OR. (Map)—⏩ Madras Pow-Wow Gem & Mineral Show
22-25–⏬– Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, France (Map)—⏩ Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines Mineral Show
23-25–⏬– Bedford, IN (Map)—⏩ Gem - Mineral - Fossil - Show - Swap
23-25–⏬– Eldon, MO (Map)—⏩ Ozark Rock & Mineral Club Gem, Jewelry, Rock, Mineral, & Fossil Show
23-25–⏬– Fishersville, VA (Map)—⏩ Augusta Expo Treasures of the Earth Gem & Jewelry Show
22-25–⏬– Wan Chai, Hong Kong (Map)—⏩ Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair
23-25–⏬– San Diego, CA (Map)—⏩ Gem Faire
24-25–⏬– Gilsum, NH (Map)—⏩ Gilsum Rock Swap
24-25–⏬– Riverton, WY (Map)—⏩ Wyoming State Rock Show
26-27–⏬– Miami, FL (Map)—⏩ International Watch & Jewelry Guild Show
30 » 2–⏬– Eugene, OR (Map)—⏩ Gem Faire
30 » 2–⏬– Farmington, NM (Map)—⏩ San Juan County Gem & Mineral Show
30 » 4–⏬– Sisters, OR (Map)—⏩ Sisters Roundup of Gems
July 2017 some being confirmed
30 » 2–⏬– Eugene, OR (Map)—⏩ Gem Faire
30 » 2–⏬– Farmington, NM (Map)—⏩ San Juan County Gem & Mineral Show
1-2–⏬– Grapevine, TX (Map)—⏩ Arlington Gem & Mineral Swap Meet
30 » 4–⏬– Sisters, OR (Map)—⏩ Sisters Roundup of Gems
7-9–⏬– Durango, CO —⏩ Four Corners Gem and Mineral Show
7-9–⏬– Oklahoma City, OK (Map)—⏩ Oklahoma Summer Bead & Jewelry Show
7-9–⏬– Portland, OR (Map)—⏩ Gem Faire
8-9–⏬– Bethel, ME (Map)—⏩ Western Maine Gem, Mineral & Jewelry Show
8–⏬– Casper, WY (Map)—⏩ Natrona County Rockhound Club Gem & Mineral Show
8-9–⏬– Culver City, CA (Map)—⏩ Fiesta of Gems
8-9–⏬– Erie, PA (Map)—⏩ Gem City Rock & Mineral Society's Gem & Mineral Show & Sale
8-9–⏬– Tulsa, OK (Map)—⏩ Tulsa Rock & Mineral Society Gem, Mineral & Jewelry Show
14-16–⏬– Kenner, LA (Map)—⏩ New Orleans Summer Bead & Jewelry Show
14-16–⏬– Lake Country, BC (Map)—⏩ Okanagan Gem Show "World of Opals"
14-16–⏬– Livonia, MI (Map)—⏩ G&LW Gem & Lapidary Show
14-16Lwowek Slaski, PolandCrystal Days
14-15–⏬– Minocqua, WI (Map)—⏩ Lakeland Gem & Mineral Show
14-16–⏬– Virginia Beach, VA (Map)—⏩ Treasures of the Earth Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show
15-16–⏬– Darrington, WA (Map)—⏩ Darrington Rock & Gem Show & Sale
15-16–⏬– Moose Lake, MN (Map)—⏩ Carlton County Gem & Mineral Club Annual Show
15-16–⏬– Syracuse, NY (Map)—⏩ GemWorld 2017 Treasures from the Earth
21-24–⏬– New York, NY (Map)—⏩ New York Antique Jewelry & Watch Show
21-23–⏬– Sudbury, ON (Map)—⏩ Sudbury Gem & Mineral Show
21-23–⏬– Tenino, WA (Map)—⏩ Tenino Rock Show
22-23–⏬– Frankfort, NY (Map)—⏩ Herkimer Diamond Gem Show & Festival
22-23–⏬– Rapid City, SD (Map)—⏩ Western Dakota Gem & Mineral Show
23-25–⏬– New York, NY (Map)—⏩ JCK Luxury Prive
24-25–⏬– Brooklyn, NY (Map)—⏩ International Watch & Jewelry Guild Show
27-30–⏬– Franklin, NC (Map)—⏩ G&LW Gem & Lapidary Show
27-30–⏬– Pasadena, CA (Map)—⏩ Pasadena Bead & Design Show
28-30–⏬– Toronto, ON (Map)—⏩ Gem Expo
29-30–⏬– South Burlington, VT (Map)—⏩ Champlain Valley Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show
21-23Eureka, CAGem Faire
22-23Frederick, WIIndianhead Rock, Gem & Mineral Society Annual Show
23Bancroft, ONBancroft Gem & Mineral Show
24-30Asheville, NCWestern North Carolina Rockhound Roundup
26-30Franklin, NCEcho Valley Gem & Mineral Show
26-30Franklin, NCHighlands Road Gem Show
27-29Franklin, NCFranklin Faceters Frolic
27-30Franklin, NCMacon County Gemboree
27-30Bancroft, ONAnnual Rockhound Gemboree
27-30Pasadena, CAPasadena Bead & Design Show
28-30Creede, COCreede Rock & Mineral Show
28-30Santa Barbara, CAGem Faire
28-30Albany, ORAFMS/NFMS Show
29-30Cutchogue, Long Island, NYLong Island Gem, Mineral, Jewelry & Fossil Show
29-30Farmers Branch, TXCowtown Gem, Mineral, Glass, Jewelry & Art Show
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