Worldwide Rock, Gem & Mineral Events
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May 2017
15-17–⏬– Iddesleigh, AB (Map)—⏩ Canadian Society of Vertebrate Palaeontology Conference
17-19–⏬– Kobe, Japan (Map)—⏩ International Jewellery Kobe
19-21–⏬– Hamilton, MT (Map)—⏩ NFMS & Biterroot Gem & Mineral Society Show
19-21–⏬– Santa Ana, CA (Map)—⏩ West Coast Gem & Mineral Show
19-21–⏬– Santa Barbara, CA (Map)—⏩ Gem Faire
19-22–⏬– Winfield,BC (Map)—⏩ BCLS Rendezvous
19-21–⏬– Zagreb, Croatia (Map)—⏩ Mineral Expo of Croatia
20-21–⏬– Bennington, VT (Map)—⏩ Southern Vermont Mineral Show
20-21–⏬– Biloxi, MS (Map)—⏩ Harrison County Gem & Mineral Show
20-21–⏬– Leesport, PA (Map)—⏩ Berks Mineralogical Society Mineral & Gem Show
20-21–⏬– Mays Landing, NJ (Map)—⏩ Cape-Atlantic Rockhounds Gem, Fossil & Mineral Show
20-21–⏬– North Olmsted, OH (Map)—⏩ ROCKaRAMA; Cleveland Area Gem and Mineral Show
20-21–⏬– Ogdensburg, NJ (Map)—⏩ North Jersey Outdoor Rock & Mineral Swap-N-Sell
20-21–⏬– San Francisco, CA (Map)—⏩ The Great San Francisco Crystal Fair
20-21–⏬– Seattle, WA (Map)—⏩ Seattle Mineral Market
20-21–⏬– Wauwatosa, WI (Map)—⏩ Wisconsin Geological Society Gem, Mineral, & Fossil Show
26-28–⏬– Cloverdale, CA (Map)—⏩ Karmic Bead Gem & Mineral Show & Sale
26-28–⏬– Verona, Italy (Map)—⏩ Verona Mineral Show
27-28–⏬– Bisbee, AZ (Map)—⏩ Bisbee Gem & Mineral Show
27-28–⏬– Newport, OR (Map)—⏩ "Rockin' the Coast" Gem & Mineral show
27-28–⏬– Pinetop, AZ (Map)—⏩ White Mountain Gem & Mineral Club Jewelry, Gem, & Mineral Show
27-28–⏬– St Charles, IL (Map)—⏩ Chicagoland Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show
28–⏬– Tarrawanna, NSW, Australia (Map)—⏩ Illawarra Lapidary Club Open Day
29-31 » 1–⏬– Las Vegas, NV (Map)—⏩ GLDA Las Vegas Jewelry Show
June 2017
29 » 1–⏬– Las Vegas, NV (Map)—⏩ GLDA Las Vegas Jewelry Show
2-4–⏬– Flagstaff, AZ (Map)—⏩ Coconino Lapidary Club Rock, Gem & Mineral Show
2-4–⏬– La Habra, CA (Map)—⏩ North Orange County Gem & Mineral Society Game of Stones
2-6–⏬– Las Vegas, NV (Map)—⏩ Couture, designer fine jewelry & luxury timepieces
2-3–⏬– Las Vegas, NV (Map)—⏩ International Watch & Jewelry Guild Show
2-8–⏬– Las Vegas, NV (Map)—⏩ JCK Luxury
2-4–⏬– Tulsa, OK (Map)—⏩ Gem Faire
2-4–⏬– Wauseon, OH (Map)—⏩ State Line Gem & Mineral Society Gem, Jewelry, Bead, Rock, & Mineral Show
3-4–⏬– Coeur d'Alene, ID (Map)—⏩ Coeur d'Alene Rock, Mineral, Gem, & Jewelry Show
3–⏬– Colfax, NC (Map)—⏩ Piedmont Open Air Gem, Mineral & Jewelry Show
3-4–⏬– Escondido, CA (Map)—⏩ Palomar Gem, Mineral & Jewlery Show
3-4–⏬– Glendora, CA (Map)—⏩ Glendora Gems Gem & Mineral Show
3-4–⏬– McCalla, AL (Map)—⏩ Tannehill Gem, Mineral, and Jewelry Show
3–⏬– Macungie, PA (Map)—⏩ Mineralfest
3-4–⏬– Mansfield, OH (Map)—⏩ Richland Lithic & Lapidary Society Gem, Mineral, Jewelry, Bead & Fossil Show
3-4–⏬– Marion, KY (Map)—⏩ Clement Mineral, Gem, Fossil, & Jewelry Show with Digs
3-4–⏬– Monroe, NY (Map)—⏩ Orange County Mineral, Gem, Fossil & Jewelry Show
3-4–⏬– Springfield, MS (Map)—⏩ Springfield Rock & Gem Fair
3-4–⏬– Viroqua, WI (Map)—⏩ Coulee Rock Show
4-11–⏬– Milwaukee, WI (Map)—⏩ Milwaukee Bead & Button Show
5-8–⏬– Las Vegas, NV (Map)—⏩ Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show
5-8–⏬– Las Vegas, NV (Map)—⏩ JCK Las Vegas
5-8–⏬– Las Vegas, NV (Map)—⏩ Jewelers International Showcase Exchange
8-11–⏬– Fairplay, CO (Map)—⏩ Contin-Tail Fairplay Rock & Gem Show
9-11–⏬– Hyderabad, India (Map)—⏩ Hyderabad Jewellery, Pearl and Gem Fair
9-11–⏬– Park Hills, MO (Map)—⏩ Mineral Area Gem Mineral Society Show & Rock Swap
9-11–⏬– Sandy, UT (Map)—⏩ Gem Faire
9-11–⏬– Ventura, CA (Map)—⏩ CFMS-AFMS Gem Show & Convention
10–⏬– Bellingham, WA (Map)—⏩ Mt. Baker Rock & Gem Club Gem Rock Sale
10-11–⏬– Butte, MT (Map)—⏩ Butte Mineral & Gem Club Show
10–⏬– Kent, CT (Map)—⏩ Mineral & Gem Swap Meet & Sale
10-11–⏬– Niagara Falls, ON (Map)—⏩ Niagara Peninsula Geological Society Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show
15-18–⏬– Nonthaburi, Thailand (Map)—⏩ Thailand Gems & Jewelry Fair
15-18–⏬– Prineville, OR (Map)—⏩ Prineville Rockhound Pow Wow
16-18–⏬– San Antonio, TX (Map)—⏩ San Antonio Premier Wholesale Jewelry, Gift & Accessories Show
22-25–⏬– Madras, OR. (Map)—⏩ Madras Pow-Wow Gem & Mineral Show
22-25–⏬– Wan Chai, Hong Kong (Map)—⏩ Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair
23-25–⏬– San Diego, CA (Map)—⏩ Gem Faire
26-27–⏬– Miami, FL (Map)—⏩ International Watch & Jewelry Guild Show
30-2–⏬– Eugene, OR (Map)—⏩ Gem Faire
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