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30»1-6–⏬– Spruce Pine, NC (Map)—⏩ Grassy Creek Mineral & Gem Show
3-6–⏬– Bancroft, ON (Map)—⏩ Bancroft Annual Rockhound Gemboree
4-6–⏬– Creede, CO (Map)—⏩ Creede Rock & Mineral Show
4-6–⏬– Grapevine, TX (Map)—⏩ Dallas Summer Bead & Jewelry Show
4-6–⏬– Pleasanton, CA (Map)—⏩ Gem Faire
4-6–⏬– Prescott Valley, AZ (Map)—⏩ Prescott Gem & Mineral Club Show
5-6–⏬– Walnut Creek, CA (Map)—⏩ The Summer Contra Costa Crystal Fair
7-12–⏬– Burns Lake, BC (Map)—⏩ Cancelled BC Lapidary Society Summer Camp
10-13–⏬– Buena Vista, CO (Map)—⏩ Contin-Tail Gem & Mineral Show
11-13–⏬– Sacramento, CA (Map)—⏩ Gem Faire
11-13–⏬– Santa Clara, CA (Map)—⏩ Santa Clara Bead & Design Show
11-13–⏬– Vancouver, BC (Map)—⏩ Vancouver Gem & Mineral Show
11-13–⏬– West Springfield, MA (Map)—⏩ East Coast Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show
12-14–⏬– Edmonds, WA (Map)—⏩ Maplewood Rock & Gem Club Annual Summer Rock & Mineral Sale
14-15–⏬– Long Beach, CA (Map)—⏩ International Watch & Jewelry Guild Show
17-21–⏬– Ashwood, OR (Map)—⏩ McDonald Ranch Rockhounding & Solar Eclipse View Camping
18-20–⏬– Costa Mesa, CA (Map)—⏩ Costa Mesa Bead & Design Show
19-20–⏬– San Francisco, CA (Map)—⏩ SFGMS Golden Gate Park Gem & Mineral Show & Sale
19–⏬– Shelton, WA (Map)—⏩ Shelton Rock & Mineral Society Tailgate Rock Sale & Swap Meet
19–⏬– Vernon, BC (Map)—⏩ Interior Zone Tailgate Sale
25-27–⏬– Costa Mesa, CA (Map)—⏩ Gem Faire
26-27–⏬– Freeport, NY (Map)—⏩ Freeport Gem & Mineral Show
28-30–⏬– Tokyo, Japan (Map)—⏩ Japan Jewellery Fair
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