Worldwide Rock, Gem & Mineral Events
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March 2018 (without dates - unconfirmed)
31»2–⏬– Indianapolis, IN (Map)—⏩ Indianapolis Bead, Gem, Mineral & Jewelry Show
31»2–⏬– Loveland, CO (Map)—⏩ Fort Collins Rockhounds Club Gem & Mineral Show
31»2–⏬– Puyallup, WA (Map)—⏩ Gem Faire
31»2–⏬– Raleigh, NC (Map)—⏩ Tar Heel Precious Gem & Mineral Show
⏬– Lantau, Hong Kong (Map)Asia’s Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair – March
⏬– Richmond, IN (Map)Gem, Mineral, Jewelry, Fossil Show & Sale
⏬– Newark, CA (Map)Castro Valley Jewelry, Gem & Mineral Show & Sale
⏬– Del Mar, CA (Map)Gem Faire
⏬– Collville, WA (Map)Obsidian Rainbow of Colors Gem & Mineral Show
⏬– Wilmington, DE (Map)Delaware Mineralogical Society Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show
⏬– Saanichton, BC (Map)Vancouver Island Bead & Jewelry Show (Spring)
⏬– Zofingen, Switzerland (Map)International Mineralientage Zofingen
⏬– Issaquah, WA (Map)East KingCo Rock & Gem Show
⏬– Rijswijk, Netherlands (Map)International Minerals Fair
⏬– Ventura, CA (Map)Ventura Gem & Mineral Society Annual Show
⏬– Livonia, MI (Map)The Roamin Club Annual Show
⏬– Arcadia, CA (Map)Monrovia Rockhounds Annual Gem & Mineral Show
⏬– Depere, WI (Map)Fox Rocks! Mineral, Fossil & Jewelry Show
⏬– Robstown, TX (Map)Gulf Coast Gem & Mineral Society Annual Show
⏬– Meriden, CT (Map)Lapidary & Mineral Society of Central Connecticut Jewelry, Gem & Mineral Show & Sale
⏬– Caldwell, ID (Map)Owyhee Gem & Mineral Society Rock & Gem Show
⏬– Lincoln, NE (Map)Lincoln Gem & Mineral Club Geology Day
⏬– Lantau, Hong Kong (Map)HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show
⏬– Deming, NM (Map)RockHound RoundUp
⏬– Augusta, GA (Map)Aiken-Augusta Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show
⏬– Bologna, Italy (Map)Bologna Mineral Show & Bijoux Expo
⏬– Kansas City, MO (Map)Kansas City Gem & Mineral Show
⏬– Victorville, CA (Map)Rockhound Tailgate
⏬– Kansas City, MO (Map)Association of Earth Clubs of Greater Kansas City Annual Show
⏬– Filer, ID (Map)Magic Valley Gem Club Annual Rock & Gem Show
⏬– San Antonio, TX (Map)EGI Gems, Jewelry, Beads Show
⏬– Pleasanton, CA (Map)Gem Faire
⏬– Hillsboro, OR (Map)Tualatin Valley Rock & Gem Show
⏬– West Bend, WI (Map)Kettle Moraine Geological Society Rock, Mineral, Gem & Earth History Show
⏬– Spreckels, CA (Map)Salinas Rock & Gem Show
⏬– Macomb, IL (Map)Geodeland Earth Science Club's Annual Show
⏬– Skokie, IL (Map)Chicago Rocks & Minerals Society Annual Silent Auction
⏬– Anthem, AZ (Map)Anthem Gem & Mineral Show
⏬– Klamath Falls, OR (Map)Klamath Falls Spring Rock & Gem Show
⏬– Kalispell, MT (Map)Rock Chucks Rock Show
⏬– Turlock, CA (Map)Turlock Gem, Jewelry & Rock Show
⏬– Nungambakkam, India (Map)Chennai Gem & Jewellery
⏬– Toronto, ON (Map)Gem Expo, The - Toronto
⏬– Victoria, BC (Map)Victoria Lapidary & Mineral Society Rock & Gem Show
⏬– Costa Mesa, CA (Map)Costa Mesa Bead & Design Show - Spring
⏬– Jackson, MI (Map)Michigan Gem & Mineral Society Annual Show
⏬– Albuquerque, NM (Map)Treasures of the Earth Show
⏬– Asheville, NC (Map)MAGMA Gem, Mineral, & Fossil Show - Spring
⏬– Richmond, VA (Map)Treasures of the Earth Gem, Mineral, & Jewelry Show
⏬– Middleboro, MA (Map)Southeastern Mass Mineral Club Auction
⏬– Spanish Fork, UT (Map)Timpanogos Gem & Mineral Society Rock Show
⏬– San Antonio, TX (Map)San Antonio Premier Wholesale Jewelry, Gift & Accessories Show - March
⏬– San Jose, CA (Map)SCVGMS Gem & Mineral Festival
⏬– Dothan, AL (Map)Dothan Gem & Mineral Show
⏬– Lemoore, CA (Map)Lemoore Gem & Mineral Society Annual Show
⏬– Sayre, PA (Map)Che-Hanna Rock & Mineral Club Annual Show
⏬– St Paul, MN (Map)St. Croix Rockhounds Annual Show
⏬– Taylor, MI (Map)Midwest Mineralogical & Lapidary Society of Michigan Rock Swap
⏬– Freiburg, Germany (Map)Jewellery & Gem Fair – Europe
⏬– Cottonwood, AZ (Map)Annual Cottonwood Gem, Jewelry & Mineral Show
⏬– Missoula, MT (Map)Gems of the Treasure State - Hellgate Mineral Society Show & Sale
⏬– Gdansk, Poland (Map)Amberif
⏬– Burnaby, BC (Map)Fraser Valley Bead Show - Spring
⏬– Bridgeton, MO (Map)Greater St. Louis Rock Hobby Club Annual Show
⏬– Cedar Rapids, IA (Map)Cedar Valley Rocks & Mineral Society Annual Show
⏬– Spokane, WA (Map)Rock Rollers of Spokane Washington Annual Gem, Jewelry & Mineral Show
⏬– Sandy , UT (Map)Gem Faire
⏬– Bellingham, WA (Map)The Many Facets of Rockhounding
⏬– Roseville, CA (Map)Roseville Rock Rollers Gem & Mineral Society Annual Show
⏬– Angels Camp, CA (Map)Calaveras Gem & Mineral Society Annual Show
⏬– Sweet Home, OR (Map)Sweet Home Rock Show - Picture Rock
⏬– Puyallup, WA (Map)Gem Faire
⏬– Raleigh, NC (Map)Tar Heel Gem & Mineral Show
–⏬– Minneapolis, MN (Map)—⏩ Gem & Lapidary Wholesalers: wholesale only
–⏬– Gdańsk, Poland (Map)—⏩ International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones
–⏬– Bridgeton, MO (Map)—⏩ Greater St. Louis Gem, Mineral, Fossil & Jewelry Show
–⏬– Hampton, VA (Map)—⏩ Treasures of the Earth: Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show
–⏬– Hickory, NC (Map)—⏩ Unifour Gem, Mineral, Bead, Fossil and Jewelry Show
–⏬– Sandy, UT (Map)—⏩ Gem Faire
–⏬– Spokane, WA (Map)—⏩ Rock Rollers Gem, Jewelry & Mineral Show
–⏬– Vancouver, BC (Map)—⏩ Vancouver Gem & Mineral Show
–⏬– Angels Camp, CA (Map)—⏩ Calaveras Gem & Jewelry Show
–⏬– Anthem, AZ (Map)—⏩ Daisy Mountain Rock and Mineral Show
–⏬– Bellingham, WA (Map)—⏩ Mt. Baker Rock & Gem Club Gem and Mineral Show
–⏬– Cedar Rapids, IA (Map)—⏩ Cedar Valley Rock & Mineral Show
–⏬– Lexington, KY (Map)—⏩ Lex Gem Show
–⏬– Plymouth Meeting, PA (Map)—⏩ Philadelphia Mineral Treasures And Fossil Fair
–⏬– Roseville, CA (Map)—⏩ Roseville Rock Rollers Gem, Jewelry, Fossil, & Mineral Show
–⏬– Taylor, MI (Map)—⏩ Midwest Mineralogical & Lapidary Society of Michigan Metro Rock Swap
–⏬– Wysox, PA (Map)—⏩ Che-Hanna Rock & Mineral Club Show
–⏬– Lexington, KY (Map)—⏩ Lexington Rock Gem & Jewelry Show
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